With about 100,000 live channels to choose from at any time, standing out on Twitch is getting more and more difficult. If you’re a streamer out there looking for ways to differentiate yourself from the pack while monetizing your content better, you’ve come to the right place! Here at Gimbl, we level up the streaming experience by driving your audience towards exciting activities and reward people for engaging in the community they love.

If you’re new to the platform and don’t quite get it yet, this quick guide will take you through all steps to get started.

1. What is Gimbl?

Gimbl is an online platform that gamifies your live stream in the form of Live Predictions and Challenges in order to bring a more immersive experience for your audience. On Gimbl, watching live streams is as fun as watching your friends play in the same living room. 

What are Live Predictions?

Live Predictions allows your viewers to predict specific outcomes in the game you’re playing to win prizes. They will receive free coins from Gimbl called Golds to participate in the fun. And if they lose it all, they will get refilled to game on. Play for fun, but win for real, that’s the idea!

And you, as the streamer, will also earn a proportionate number of Golds from the total Predictions pool. Once you’ve earned enough Golds, you can redeem it for loots in Gimbl lootshop, from in-game points for Apex, LOL, Valorant, Fortnite, to Amazon vouchers and gaming gears.

What are Challenges?

Challenges is a feature that lets your audience send you conditional donations in exchange for actions completed in game. You’ll earn money, but the cool way! For example, viewers can challenge you to do a certain amount of kills or headshots during a game.

And very soon, your viewers can send you custom challenges (for example: doing a bunch of push-ups) for extra fun in the stream. Custom challenges are not yet available, but keep an eye on Gimbl because it will be launched very soon!

2. How to set up Gimbl?

Setting up on Gimbl is quick and simple. Follow the steps below:

Sign up and log in

  • Go to gimbl.gg and sign-up as a streamer using your Twitch account
  • Fill out some information such as your name, DOB, country, currency and home address (this information is required by Stripe - our payment service provider to enable you to collect donations from your audience). Then create a password and agree to the T&C.
  • Download Gimbl, open the app and use the same credentials to log in.

Configure your settings

Once you’ve logged in the Gimbl app, the app will guide you through 3 major configuration steps: Viewer interaction set up, Chatbot setup and Configure Gimbl. 

Viewer interaction set up

  • Install Gimbl extension on Twitch, activate it and set it as an overlay.

  • Then download Gimbl visual assets and put a Gimbl panel on your Twitch page, so the viewers can click on it at any time to access your session page on Gimbl.gg.

Chatbot setup

  • Next, configure the Gimblbot to assist you with audience interaction

You can configure the chatbot to your liking, but we would recommend you to keep it as it is, since we’ve built a thorough chatbot that covers pretty much all scenarios during a Gimbl session which would definitely be a peace of mind for you. We’ve also included several messages to rotate for each case, to make sure it wouldn’t appear spammy for your audience. 

Configure Gimbl (Your session)

  • Configure your settings: the game you're going to play and whether you want to restart automatically. 

What does it mean by "restart automatically"? Basically Challenges are based on one game played (This can be with or without rounds depending on what game was selected). If you choose YES, challenges will restart at the end of every game automatically. We would advise you to put YES for a more seamless experience. 

Put on Overlay

  • It’s highly important that you add the Gimbl overlay on your stream to show your audience that you accept challenges. To do that, simply click on the link icon right there and click copy the Overlay link.

  • Open your streaming service and use the copied link to add Gimbl as a new Browser Source. You can always resize the Overlay to best fit your needs.
  • Customize the Overlay if you want. To make changes to the Overlay, click on your profile section, hit Overlay setup, then you can choose to display 1 or 3 challenges, or display or not display the challengers feed.

Here's what the Overlay will look like. On your livestream, the Gimbl overlay will display key pieces of information to your audience such as: the challenge with the most money; name of the challenger and the donation. This will substantially boost engagement and monetization for your stream.

Go live!

  • Launch your stream session, press Start on the Gimbl app and enter your game.

NB: Make sure to never start a game before clicking the Start button on the Gimbl app, otherwise, we won't be able to detect game data (you can open the game and stand in the lobby but not inside an actual match).

And here your are!

As viewers send their Predictions, you can check the Predictions coming on the Gimbl app, the Predictions tab. On the right hand side of the app, there is the Live feed that shows all the participants, their guess and their stake.

That's it, people! Enjoy your game!