Beyond a platform to effectively engage the audience, Gimbl represents a cool way for you to earn money doing what you love. If you have already signed up and installed Gimbl, congratulations on making the right choice! Now to help you maximize your viewer engagement and to boost your stream dynamic, we’ve prepared a compilation of the best practices on Gimbl for you. Let’s dive in!


Tip 1: Place Gimbl app beside your streaming screen

As a streamer, chances are you’re having 2 monitors, one for the game and the other one for other stuff like chat or music. When you stream with Gimbl, we would advise you to place the Gimbl app on one screen beside your gaming screen. Having the Gimbl dashboard so close to your game means you can easily pick up on all the Challenges & Live Predictions coming to immediately interact with your audience while still paying attention to the game. 

While it often goes underestimated by streamers, prompt interaction to chat is critical for an engaging stream, because it shows viewers that you care about their contributions and acknowledge it. It enhances your relationship with the viewers on a personal level and it drives other viewers to jump in the fun. Been struggling with dead air silence on stream? Now you have something to talk about.


Tip 2: Advertise your session page

The second tip for you, and it’s really important for your stream success, is to advertise your Session page. 

So what’s the Session page? Simply put, the session page is your own Gimbl page from which viewers can send Challenges/Predictions and have a major impact on your stream.

While Predictions can be done directly on your stream with Twitch extension, Challenges can only be sent from your Session page. Therefore it’s crucial that you spread it as much as possible in order to maximize your chances of receiving challenges. 

To get the link for your Session page, simply type<yourTwitchhandle>. Or you can come back to the Gimbl app, and you’ll find the link right below the Overlay link. 

Now that you have copied the link, there are several ways to promote it:

1/ Live announcement

An effective way to advertise your session page is to leverage social media platforms. Before going live, you can give a quick post on Twitter, Facebook and Discord with your Session page link so you get a lot of eyes on your content. The more you can hype up your stream in advance the better. Here’s an example tweet:

“Hey guys, I’m live now with a cool new feature called Gimbl. Come and drop your predictions for my game to win loots. Or you can challenge me and push me beyond the limits. It’s going to be lit!”

2/ Enable Gimblbot

Gimbl has a built-in chatbot to assist you with interacting with the audience.

The Gimblbot will push your session page directly to the chat; it will also tease your viewers to engage in Live Predictions & Challenges; it will react to Challenges/Predictions received and then keep viewers informed of the latest events.

We’ve included several messages to rotate for each case, so it wouldn’t appear spammy for your audience. 

Make sure to enable the Gimblbot so that anyone watching your live stream can have instant, easy access to your Gimbl page and be up-to-date with what’s happening. You can always configure it to best fit your liking. 

3/ Set up a Gimbl panel on your About me page

Another way to advertise your session page is by setting up a Gimbl panel on your Twitch’s page and embed your session page link into the panel. 

You can download the graphics on the app by clicking on your profile pic and choose Visual assets. 


Tip 3: Put on a strong CTA on your stream title

You may overlook this, but stream titles actually play a great role in driving new traffic to your stream. Put on a strong call-to-action in the title like “VALORANT with !gimbl. Come predict my game to win loots” will definitely peak people’s curiosity.

You can include the “!gimbl” command in your stream title in case your chat wants to know what Gimbl is and how to use it. 


Tip 4: Communicate effectively during your session

The last tip is about communicating effectively during your session. Most of the time, people come to a stream for its entertainment, not for the gameplay itself. So the more you are engaging with them, the more people will likely stick around. 

During the game, you can also tease them into predicting the outcomes of your game, to see who’s the smartest of your community, who’s gonna stand out and who’s gonna end up completely broke. That will be tons of fun for both you and your audience, and you can even troll them by losing a game that everyone thought you’d win for example! Don’t be shy.

The worst thing to happen in a stream is dead air. That awkward silence gives people anxiety and it will drive them away. So whenever you have waiting time, use it to check the challenge board or the Predictions graph on Gimbl. You can see who has challenged you, how many Golds are staked, as well as how far you still need to go to unlock the donations. Recap the game, thank your audience for their engagement and dare them to push you even harder!  Let the audience know that they now have a major impact on your gameplay and you can greatly increase their loyalty.

So that’s it, people! Now it’s time to shine. Let’s Gimbl up!