One of the benefits of using Gimbl is for you to have real-time in game events. As a streamer, it's a peace of mind and you never need to worry about what's happening in the background.

We've built precise systems to detect when your games start and end. In some cases, there are some limitations that you should be aware of. Here's the list.

1- Dota 2

- When using Demo hero while waiting for a game to start, Gimbl cannot make the difference with a real game. As such, the "real" first game will be shown as Game 2.

- If you quit in the middle of a game, Gimbl is not able to detect you quit and your Game will keep being ongoing on Gimbl. You need to manually cancel it.

2- Valorant

- Do not use Gimbl with deathmatch mode. The beginning of the preparation phase is considered as the beginning of the first game. In addition, deaths and kills of everyone will be counted during the preparation phase, making most of your stats wrong in Gimbl. To add to it, Gimbl cannot detect the end of your game in Deathmatch mode.