What are Gimbl Live Predictions?

Streamers using Gimbl Predictions will allow their audience to participate in their most exciting moments without any monetary barriers. The audience will be using Gold coins to predict certain in-game outcomes and earn a proportionate share of Gold coins from the total pool for their correct guesses. The more the viewers engage in predictions, the more coins the streamers will also earn.

Users can redeem their accumulated Gold coins for “loots” which are giftable items ranging from gaming gift cards to gaming equipment.

Gold is Gimbl’s native virtual coin that will be granted and refilled for free to encourage user engagement . 

How are Predictions chosen?

For each game, Gimbl automatically determines how many live predictions can be opened to the audience. This number is based on the streamer’s past average viewership. Streamers can choose to have live predictions open by default when launching their stream.

How long is a Prediction session?

Live predictions will be open at the beginning of the stream and the predictions will last for the following minutes per game:

  • Fortnite: 2 minutes
  • League of Legends: 5 minutes
  • Valorant: 5 minutes
  • Apex Legends: 2 minutes
  • PUBG: 2 minutes
  • Rocket League: 2 minutes
  • Overwatch: 4 minutes
  • Rainbow Six Siege: 3 minutes
  • Dota 2: 5 minutes
  • Teamfight Tactics: 5 minutes

How are Predictions coins settled?

Participants will then be able to stake Gold coins on their predicted outcome before the prediction window closes. Predictions are closed once the outcome has been completed and there are winners & losers. The golds will immediately be sent out proportionally to the participants that correctly predicted the outcome. Predictions are settled accordingly:

  • Case 1: [Win] Participant correctly predicts the outcome. All participants that correctly predicted the outcome receive an equal share of the pot once the streamer has received a commission fee.
  • Case 2: [Lose] Participant incorrectly predicts the outcome. The participant’s gold coins go to the winners and the streamer.
  • Case 3: [No winners] All participants incorrectly predict the outcome. All participants will be refunded after the streamer has received a commission fee.


Get ready to play, while earning hearty rewards along the way!

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