Gimbl's service comes with a chatbot to assist streamers in engaging with the audience. The chatbot teases viewers to partake in predictions; it reacts to Predictions received and keeps viewers informed of the latest prediction actions from the community. We’ve built a thorough chatbot that covers pretty much all scenarios during a Gimbl session which would definitely be a peace of mind for streamers. 

The Gimbl bot is activated by default. If you want to configure/deactivate the chatbot, follow the following steps: 

1/ Launch the Gimbl Streamer App

2/ Click on your profile picture and choose Twitch Chatbot

3/ On the chatbot's configuration page, tick/untick the trigger as you wish. In the dropdown list of each trigger, you can see multiple rotating messages.


When you're done, click Chatbot is OK, and let's go! The game is afoot!