What is a Gold coin refill?

When having lost all of its Gold coins, the platform enables you to request a Gold coin refill. As soon as your account reaches zero Gold coins, an automatic countdown will begin and will be displayed on your wallet. Once the countdown has been completed, you will need to click on the refill button to retrieve the Gold coins refill.

How does refills work?

You can only claim 4 refills per day and every refill is 250 Gold coins. Here below are refill countdown timings: 

  • First refill: Refill is credited instantly.
  • Second refill: 5 minutes countdown. 
  • Third refill: 2 hours countdown.
  • Fourth refill: 8 hours countdown.

This ain't Casino. Even when you lose it all, we'll make sure you have the coins needed to have fun with the community you love :-)