is a fully automated engagement and monetization platform that brings real-world gamer interactions into the streaming sphere.

Our missions

Our ultimate missions are to help streamers:

  • Retain the audience & grow the community
  • Engage with viewers in a unique and unexpected way
  • Monetize content in a fully secured and automated process
  • Self differentiate among the millions of other streamers

Our features

Gimbl helps you retain viewers on Twitch, grow Twitch channel and make money on Twitch with 2 features: Live Predictions and Challenges

With Live Predictions, viewers can use our free Gold coins to predict game outcomes and earn more Golds to redeem for a wide variety of epic loots. The more the viewers engage, the more the streamer is rewarded as well!

With Challenges, viewers can send their streamer adrenaline-filled challenges along with conditional donations and push the streamer to the limit. Live stream donations are cooler this way!

Twitch and Youtube Gaming are both supported on Gimbl.