What is the Gimbl overlay?

The Gimbl overlay displays key pieces of information to your audience such as: the challenge with the most money, the most recent challenge achieved, name of the challenger and the donation.

Why should I add the Gimbl overlay?

Putting the Gimbl overlay is the main way to alert your viewers that you're now accepting Challenges and Live Predictions, and therefore would improve stream monetization and drive audience engagement.

How to add the Gimbl overlay to my stream?

On the Gimbl app, click copy the Overlay link. Then add the Gimbl overlay as a Browser Source on your broadcasting tool (Streamlabs, Streamelements, OBS Studio, etc). You can always resize the Overlay to your liking. 


Why should I add Gimbl panel to my Twitch page?

In order to maximize the chance of receiving Challenges from the audience, it's very important that you advertise your Streamer Page (for example Gimbl.gg/AizkaltTV). We would strongly recommend you to create a Gimbl panel on your Twitch channel and embed your Gimbl page URL.

You can download the designs for Gimbl panel on the app when configuring Viewer Interaction.

It also helps to share the link on your different social media channels before every stream. The goal is to make it as easy as possible for your audience to access your streamer page ;)

Happy harvesting!